Self Care – Simple How To’s to A Happier You


Today our guest blogger Lori Jones has wrote a piece about self care, as a professional masseuses, she knows the importance of taking care of yourself. Take a moment and read her tips and take one step closer to a happier you!
It is important to show compassion for others, but how often do we treat ourselves with the same level of kindness? Research has shown that adding self care to our daily activities reduces stress, decreases mental fatigue and physical illness, increases energy and vigor for life. By giving ourselves a daily dose of compassion we are able to have more energy, joy and happiness for ourselves and others.
Self care tips:
●Check in with yourself; how are you feeling?? keep a journal to help you process different emotions
●Get a massage/ reflexology to move out tension….A GREAT WAY to learn how to RECEIVE
● Spend time in Nature.
● FORGIVE Yourself for anything you would of, could of or should of done.
Everything is in DIVINE ORDER.
● LIVE in the PRESENT. You can only feel LOVE there!!!!!
●Learn when to SAY NO.
●SURROUND Yourself with Fabulous people that lift you up, not bring you down.
●Eat healthy foods.
● Put your self care time in your calendar.
●Get plenty of good sleep.
~Know You are worthy of Love~
Self care is a work in process, enjoy the process! 😉

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