Why I think Kid Rock Should Run For Senate

What a wild past couple of years in politics!  It has us all thinking about who we want in office, what type of people make the best leaders for our country, and what characteristics our leaders should possess. When I read Kid Rock’s announcement that he will run for a U.S. Senate seat in his home state of Michigan, I got really excited for that state and for our country.  Here is why:


Kid Rock (Bob Ritchie) Is True To His Roots.  When I received the vision boards and shot list for his upcoming music video PODUNK, I admit I worried. “Is this real? Do we really want to shoot in a trailer park? Am I going to be part of exploiting the people who live there?” During the two days and numerous Wal-Mart runs leading up to the project, to describe myself as anxious is an understatement.  Saying quick nervous prayers as we entered the trailer park on day one, my heart raced and my head swam.  But everything changed about 20 minutes after I arrived on location. My mental burdens, of “what have I gotten my team into” and others, quickly vanished as I watched the people there and my team embrace each other. The cast for this video had an appreciation for Kid Rock, his music and his “realness.” Their energy was contagious as we knocked on doors asking residents whether they wanted to help us make a music video. We fed what felt like the entire neighborhood that day, along with serving up the best damn party there in a while. I felt even more at ease on day two when I arrived at Kid Rock’s house, only to find it was not a house at all but a double-wide trailer.  While some may knock Bob for his song lyrics, even calling the multimillionaire a hypocrite, I sure won’t.  The man lives in a trailer in rural Tennessee and has another in Lower Alabama (L.A., in these parts), when he could have easily built multiple mansions.  


Kid Rock Is For The People. Compassion and relatability are traits every politician needs.  From what I saw, this man has plenty of both.  Early in the morning Bob asked one of our extras to sit on the hood of his car for a shot, calming the twenty-something nervous about sitting on the Rolls Royce with, “It’s cool.  It’s just a car, man.”  Later that day, he offered the extras in his plane scene a drink and asked them about their ambitions, where they saw themselves down the road, and why they wanted to be in his video. At our final location, a group of women who may have been divinely sent happened to be brought by Uber to the karaoke bar in, you guessed it, a trailer.  I let Bob know they were on a “girls trip” from Michigan.  What did he do? He asked them to essentially star in that last scene. He not only made that group’s trip by including them and dancing with them, but he stayed after we wrapped, for hours inviting all to sing with him, laugh and celebrate, just having a blast. My favorite memory was watching him embrace a little chunky lady who had shocked us all with her impromptu split in the middle of a dance scene, begging her to sing with him, with the entire bar erupting in cheers.

Photo Credit: Mark Klasfeld Photography


You Will Find Dirt. Yep, you will, and all politicians need that, right? Yeah you will find dirt under Bob’s fingernails because this man is just as country and PODUNK as he is superstar. You will find dirt on his land because it is muddy, and yep we shot a lot of two days in pouring rain. You will find dirt on his tires and on his boots because he is an outdoorsman.  His property speaks to how much he enjoys being in nature. But you will NOT find dirt on his garage floor, because every morning while his beautiful Audrey is still asleep (or trying to sleep), he is up early blowing off the garage floor and driveways, taking pride in the things he worked hard to build and gather. You may also find dirt on him because some may say he partied too much. Guess what? He is a rock star, not a politician, and I would MUCH rather have in office a man who is not afraid to have a little fun than a man who is too uptight to enjoy some of life’s adventures.


Honesty And No Nonsense.  Podunk lyrics . . . come on, they are brutally honest. Have you ever read one of Bob’s interviews? Try this one from Rolling Stone, no nonsense, a few things some conservative people may find offensive, but certainly  entertaining and honest. Click here to see the music video my team and I worked so hard to style. 


Confidence. Kid Rock possesses rock star confidence. He is clearly comfortable in his own skin, helping those around him of all shapes, sizes, races, and ages feel at ease, accepted, and valued.

Photo Credit: Mark Klasfeld Photography


Flexibility. You gotta be flexible to work with a highly creative team from LA and Nashville.  Trust me, it is not easy. Bob handled it with grace and ease, showing exactly how flexible he is.


Work Ethic: It is no secret that Kid Rock has work ethic if you have followed his career. Born in Romeo, Michigan, a small rural town north of Detroit, Bob worked with his three siblings in the family’s small orchard. Teaching himself how to use a turntable at age 11 and running away at 15 to chase dreams, signing a record deal at 17, it is clear that when Bob sets a goal, he goes after it full force.  On set I can tell you that my team was up well before 5 a.m. and on location by 6 a.m. with donuts and breakfast in hand, smiling and ready. I was shocked to find that Bob had been up long before our team.  He was ready to roll and was outside the trailer where he lives waiting for us to arrive to go over the first shots. That day seemed to last forever, but you would have never known by looking at Bob.  He was gracious and kind to everyone, staying on set long after we wrapped and singing with us all including the group of women visiting Nashville from Michigan.


In conclusion, while you may never ever hear me saying I wish I lived in Michigan (due to the cold weather of course), I will say I have been very impressed by this Michigan man, and I do wish I was able to vote in Michigan’s election.  Kid Rock, I hope you rock that vote.






To see Kid Rocks newest music video click below and to see more images from the shoot click the link here

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