30 Days of a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips From Betsy Johnson

30 Days of a Healthy Lifestyle

Betsy’s Nutritional Consulting and Betsy’s Pantry by Chef David

The New Year. We’ve all been there…beginning January 1st with the intentions of living a healthier lifestyle, then being so overwhelmed, that we give up after only a few days or weeks. Nutrition coach Betsy Johnson takes some of the guesswork out of a healthy lifestyle with 30 days of healthy tips to improve your nutrition and fitness in as little as a month!

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  1. Set a goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days.
  2. Rid your pantry of unhealthy snack food.
  3. Eat a vegetable with every meal.
  4. Try a new exercise.
  5. Eat meatless, but still get protein in like beans, tofu and lentils.
  6. Write down everything you eat and drink.
  7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  8. Have a salad for dinner. Add protein and lots of veggies and avocado.
  9. Exercise with a friend.
  10. Try a new whole grain, like quinoa or farrow.
  11. Download new workout music and get moving.
  12. Drink green tea instead of coffee.
  13. Avoid sweets and added sugar.
  14. Have a healthy protein shake for breakfast.
  15. Work on flexibility with a yoga class or stretching routine.
  16. Cook all of your own meals and avoid takeout.
  17. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual.
  18. Eat fish for dinner.
  19. Prep your food for the following week.
  20. Cut out soda – even diet.
  21. Weigh yourself only once a week.
  22. Stop eating when you are full.
  23. Preplan your workouts for the week, and stick to them.
  24. Eat protein with every meal.
  25. Pack snacks, like hard-boiled eggs or almonds when away from home.
  26. Eat three fewer bites at each meal.  
  27. Watch one less hour of television and go for a walk instead.
  28. Avoid all prepackaged food.
  29. Preorder healthy foods from Betsy’s Pantry by Chef David.
  30. Congratulate yourself for accomplishing your goals!

For more information about Betsy and her nutrition consulting check our her website here!

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