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Lauren Alaina Loves DW

This song bird, loves herself some DW! Maybe you have heard of Lauren Alaina, if you have not, it is most likely because you don’t read anything, watch anything or listen to anything. Lauren was the runner-up on the 10th season of American Idol, I don’t have a television and I even know that fact. […]

Natasha Bedingfield, Rascal Flatts “Easy” Music Video

My staff and I worked tirelessly to get as much jewelry made for Amber Lehman as possible, as Amber pulled off what turned out to not only be a miracle, but a freaking beautiful one…She styled the “Easy” video for the Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield. Here are some shots of my jewelry featured in […]

Blake Lively, Wearing Diana Warner On Gossip Girl

Spotted: Serena van der Woodson walking to school on the set of the CW’s Gossip Girl wearing Diana Warner jewelry. Wonder if she is smiling because she sees Dan, or is it the DW necklace she is wearing? Legend has it, wearing DW makes you happy. My fashion tip: find a boyfriend as cute as […]